White Castle Iwg & Sweepstakes On Whitecastletimemachine.Com


Most American families are looking for a way to boost their earnings to accomplish their financial goals and long-term wealth. Whether you want to stack up against your saving funds, pay off bills/loans, or save for your long holidays, you can achieve all your goals faster without diminishing your expenses by winning the sweepstake organized by the white castle that allows you to win $100000 cash.

You should know that white castle is celebrating its 100th anniversary and national hamburger month with the time machine sweepstake. That means you have this incredible chance of winning 1 out of 16800 instant win prizes, including coupons, amazon gift card, keychain, uber gift card, a mug, tumbler, and many more.

How To Enter The White Castle Iwg & Sweepstakes

  • Terms And Conditions 
  • Participants should know an age limit to get an eligible entry that is 18 years old or older.
  • Entrants must know that they will get only one gameplay daily during the promotional period.
  • Participants should have a basic understanding and knowledge of English.
  • How To Enter 

To participate in the sweepstake, you have to visit the official website of White Castle IWG & Sweepstakes or open http://whitecastletimemachine.com/ and fill out the registration form with all your personal details, including your full name, phone number, state, city, zip code, email address, and street address.

After that, you are required to choose from two pools: participants who live near the location of the white castle should select the restaurant pool, whereas entrants who do not live near a white castle location should choose the retail pool.

Once you are registered with the platform, you must answer some trivia questions and follow the instructions provided on the screen to get a play for an instant win game. And after playing the game, you will get an instant winning message stating whether you won the instant gameplay or not.

  • Consolation Gift 

All non-winning participants will get a consolation gift from the sweepstake authority. The restaurant pool participants will get a discount code by the white castle to redeem a combo meal or buy one get one worth $7.49, and the retail pool participants will get a white castle zoom background of $0.50.

  • For Additional Sweepstake Entries 

To earn more sweepstake entries, you have to use the following methods.

  • Purchase 

You have to buy any white castle product from a nearby white castle restaurant or a retailer that sells the white castle food products and keep the receipt. Now, you have to visit http://whitecastletimemachine.com/ and upload the receipt image and follow the instructions provided over the screen to get a play for an instant win game. After playing the game, you will receive a valid sweepstake entry.

  • Online Promo Code 

You can even request for one gameplay using this promo code XCNNVVNVYLP and get a sweepstake entry.

  • Winner Selection 

The grand prize winner will be selected on a random basis on July 12, 2021, from all eligible entries collected during the promotional period.

  • Prize 

The winner will get $100000 cash.

So, what are you thinking about? Visit a nearby store and use the product receipt to get an instant sweepstake entry.

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