This is a contest called Pure Leaf “No” Grants, which aims to support mothers who are overwhelmed with their responsibilities and need financial assistance to be able to say “no” to unrealistic expectations. The contest is open to individuals who are 18 years of age or older (19 years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska) and identify as a mother. Participants must visit the website www.PureLeaf.com/NoGrants and answer four questions with a minimum of 50 or a maximum of 200 words. Only one entry is allowed per entry period.

The questions are as follows:

1. What part of motherhood and/or being a working mom is the most difficult for you to say ‘no’ to?
2. If awarded a Pure Leaf ‘No’ Grant, how will the grant support you in saying ‘no’?
3. If awarded a Pure Leaf ‘No’ Grant, what will you say YES to?
4. What does Pure Leaf’s message of “No Is Beautiful” mean to you?

There will be three entry periods, and each period will have 500 randomly selected entries. After the entry period, a qualified panel of judges will judge all randomly selected entries based on three criteria: personal sense of understanding of what ‘doing it all’ means (34%), awareness of the significance of the grant beyond monetary value and their likelihood to continue advocating for their ‘no’ (33%), and reflection of how the grant will help them say ‘no’ and reclaim their time (33%). The judges will select 200 grand prize winners, with 70 winners in entry period 1 and 65 winners in entry periods 2 and 3.

Each of the 200 winners will receive a single payment of $2,000 to support them in saying “no” to “doing it all” and make their lives simpler.

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