pin ridge park

Holidays in summer are like heaven for the people who live in the hot climatic conditions. In this situation, if the wine is added, then it will make the situation much better. If we talk about the Pine Ridge Vineyards, they are known to provide different packages of trips to the people so that they can look at the beauty of the place.

This is the option that provides the lucky winning prize to about 20 people with a pass to a free visit to America. A person should not avoid the choice as it can make their life beautiful and happening. Some of the items that are included in the prizes that they provide to the users include:

  • One pass to visit the national park pass located in America
  • One Mammut backpack
  • Even the person can go to the 2 national parks hat
  • One national part of also available in the package
  • A single gift card of $100 is the main reason for the attraction
  • 2 Yeti wine tumblers are the choice of the people
  • One vineyards picnic blankets are also in the package

The best thing about the option is that the winner will be selected each month until the summers are available.

How To Get Enrolled In The Giveaway?

Once the person has decided to enter the giveaway, he must ensure that he is either 21 or more age. The person mainly has three options to have the contact with the platform.

  1. Test message:The person cans en the word” PARKS” to the 55678. Here the person needs to verify the age, and the address proof after the response comes from the person.
  2. Web site:Another option is to visit the official site and fill the form with the required information.
  3. Regular mail: complete the form and send the required information like the name, date of birth, and email id to the specified email address of the person.

The process of the enrollment is easy for the person; he can read the detail and complete the procedure.


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