Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes: Win Trip To Las Vegas (5 Winners)

Every summer, Pepsi invites people to become their Summer Adventure Crew. The only way to join is by completing each day’s requirements in the Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes. Each day offers a new epic adventure that can be achieved by anyone who is 21+ and lives in the U.S. It includes taking selfies at “World of Pepsi” traveling exhibitions and watching a movie on one of three different streaming platforms. It is effortless to win this Sweepstakes. You have to submit the entry and win the reward.

Limits Of Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes        

The eligible person is given the daily one entry for this Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes. It is open only to regions like Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, or Wyoming. The minimum age eligibility to participate in at least 21 years or more.

Entering Process Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes

To enter the contents, you have to visit the website First, you must enter the zip code, user name, identity, and password. After that, submit the official entry form with your personal information on it with other required details. The content is open to all individuals and is a type of prize. It takes entry daily with an average price of $24.1K+.

Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes Prize and Draw Date

The grand prize for the Pepsi Ultimate Summer Sweepstakes winner is a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. The winner of the sweepstakes will be able to fly there from an airport of their choice, with the hotel included in the package. These selection dates are as follows 06/13/22, 06/20/22, 06/27/22, 07/05/22, 07/11/22, 07/18/22, 07/25/22, and 08/01/22. The prize contains five grand jackpots for each individual for four days trips to Las Vegas, where the trip includes Hotel Stay. The airfare trips facilities like Uber gift cards and much more you will enjoy at this place.

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