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Summer is here! That means it’s time for you to leave the Monday blues and dive into the life of a traveller for a sweet amount of time and indulge yourself in outdoor activities with your buddies to create some lasting memories. This year, you have this great opportunity for making the most out of your summer season alongside winning some amazing summer prizes. All you have to do is participate in the sweepstakes organized by Frito lay and grab this awesome chance to win over 1000 summer prizes for free and enjoy movie nights, summertime activities and many more all along with your buddies.

How To Enter The Frito Lay Summer Sweepstakes 2021

Terms And Conditions 

  • Participants should know that they will get only one gameplay daily regardless of the method chosen to enter the
  • Entrants should be at least 18 years of age or older to get an eligible entry.
  • Participants should have a basic understanding and knowledge of English.
  • How To Get The Entry Code 

To enter this summer sweepstake, participants should possess an entry code to get a valid entry into the sweepstakes and to get that, and you need to follow the below methods.

With Purchase 

You have to buy qualifying Pepsi-cola or Frito-lay products from the participating stores and find the UPC code available on the qualifying purchase.

Without Purchase

To get an entry without any purchase, you can use the below two methods.


Participants can use this free code “184542372022” from July 17 to July 31, 2021.


You can request the free code by filling out a 3 ½ x 5 inches postcard with all your personal details, including your complete name, age, street address, and valid email address. After that, post it to summer sweepstake for promotion code request, MI 48037, Southfield, P.O. Box 490.

How To Enter 

Once you have obtained the entry code, you have to visit and then follow the instructions provided on the screen and fill out the entry form with required details, including your name, state, street address, city, phone number, zip code, and date of birth. After that, participants are required to choose a prize that they would like to play for from the available prizes and now submit the code to get valid gameplay during the promotional period.

Winner Prizes 

Prizes are distributed into three phases. The winners of the first phase will get a pop-up cinema screen and a home theatre projector. Whereas the winner of the second phase will get a chance to win a bell tent, a weber grill, a hammock, a karaoke machine, and a branded BBQ toolset. And in the third phase, winners will get an opportunity to choose from a bocce set, a branded cronhole board set, a bubble ball, a hinged cooler, a branded pool mat and many more.

So, don’t waste your time and get yourself a valid entry today and make your summer more enjoyable than ever.

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