People love to spend their time in the vocations with their families in different locations. Even in some situations, people get the option to go on free trips to unique locations. The person can grab the opportunity of such a giveaway to the most beautiful place in the world, Amsterdam.

The person can take the participation in the colorblends trip giveaways by filling out the simple form and winning the different categories of the trips. They can win a trip with a six-day-night accommodation, and two tickets to the Keukenhof, considered the world’s most extensive garden.

Eligibility Of The Person

The person planning to go for the offer must be of age 24 years or higher at the time of the entry. It is valid in certain parts of the world, so consider the validity in advance only. With the help of one email address, the person can get just a single entry at a time.

How To Enter?

The people have to fulfill a three-step procedure to have the entrance:

  • First, the person can visit the platform’s official site that provides such facilities to the people.
  • He can then visit the form and complete the form.
  • At last, the person can submit the form and wait for the results.


The final declaration of the giveaway results will take place on 19 December 2022. The result will be out of the various entries that have submitted the form on the platform.


The people who have applied for the giveaway must also have the idea of a basic idea of the prize that they will receive if he will win the giveaway. The person can have the option to either agree or disagree with the available option. The approximate retail value of the prize for the person is 4000$.


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